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Received 3:47 PM 10/25/2021

To: <>

Subject: Interstate Bridge Replacement Program Communication Response

Hi Jim,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Interstate Bridge Replacement program. Transit and active transportation elements are not a requirement to obtain federal funding for a highway transportation project in all cases. To be eligible for any federal funds, projects must comply with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and address the project’s “purpose and need” established through the NEPA process. If that purpose and need identifies a need for transit and active transportation improvements, as is the case for IBR, then the project would be expected to include those elements. The IBR program’s recent community engagement efforts confirmed that the Purpose and Need from the previous project remains valid today, and includes earthquake vulnerability, growing travel demand and congestion, safety, impaired freight movement, limited transit options, and substandard bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The program is pursuing high-capacity transit improvements because our legislative funding and the Memorandum of Intent signed by the Governors in both states included language that requires it. A high-capacity transit element makes transportation projects eligible for unique sources of federal funding that other projects would not be eligible to compete for. Going forward, the program will pursue a variety of potential funding sources including federal funds, tolling, and state funds.

In urban settings such as Vancouver Wash. and Portland Ore., highway lanes cannot be the only solution to congestion, safety, and reliable trip times. Having a true multimodal corridor will help take burdens off highway lanes that cannot be expanded without unacceptable impacts to downtown Vancouver as well as Fort Vancouver.

We encourage you to check the program website for updates. Additional involvement opportunities include:


Interstate Bridge Replacement program

Communications Team