Portland/Oregon/Metro’s Plan

For The Region

This is a puffy piece telling how great Portland will be under the 2040 plan:

The Nature of 2040 (includes map showing Metro’s plan for light rail stations in Vancouver page 8/9!) (Local copy) (https://pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1033&context=oscdl_metro)

This gives goals and more details of the 2040 plan. Including road “pricing strategies”:

Regional Urban Growth Goals and Objectives (1995) (page 45 has map showing proposed light rail stations and lines) (local copy) https://pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1012&context=oscdl_metro

This map is believed to be the one in The Nature of 2040, above, but much better resolution.  Click here for full resolution version of this map  (4.6 meg)

It shows 6 light rail stations in Vancouver and up to Salmon Creek.

It shows a proposed light rail line along SR500 to the junction of Forth Plain, SR500 and SR503.

Although hard to see, it appears to show a light rail line going North along both I5 & I205, meeting at Salmon creek.

It shows a light rail line from SR500 South along I5 to Portland