Deceptions and lies found in the previous project

Are they being repeated?

This is really a light rail project$25_billion_bribe.html

The bridges are NOT worn out. 0Area)%20Interstate%20Bridges%20Electrical%20Upgrade.pdf

It is a public process accepting input from the public.

Light Rail or BRT IS NOT actually required by the Federal Government.

Transit and active transportation elements are not a requirement to obtain federal funding for a highway transportation project in all cases. “

Project will NOT create 20000 jobs. It was actually be 1907 jobs for 10 years. (Metro used the same lie later

Traffic and toll revenue projections are wildly optimistic.

"This is the worst freight bottleneck in the nation," ODOT Director Matt Garrett told lawmakers–” On the I-5 corridor alone, the bridge trailed far behind five Los Angeles bottlenecks”

The project will shave exactly 60 seconds off the peak morning commute.

The current bridge is too dangerous. - Not according to ODOT's own reports. The agency's data show there are more than two dozen I-5 bridges in Oregon in worse shape than the Interstate Bridge, including the Marquam Bridge over the Willamette River

"…the I-5 Columbia River bridges have the highest incidence of crashes of any highway segment in Oregon," Portland Business Alliance lobbyist Bernie Bottomly told lawmakers. ODOT's own stats show that both the Marquam and Fremont bridges have higher crash rates than the Interstate Bridge,

CRC backers claim the $3.5 billion project is "downsizing." That's not true—not even close.

While recycling news about "savings," the I-5 bridge project has hidden costs we'll all have to pay.

Who wants it?

The state's most powerful interests want the project: big business (including Eyre Brewer's top campaign donors), labor unions and Gov. John Kitzhaber.