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Oregon & Washington are reviving the old (Columbia River crossing) CRC project under a new name: Interstate Bridge Replacement Program (IBR). Since it has the same “purpose and need”, it appears to be following the same path to a similar multi billion mega-project with light rail and tolls.

According to the Oregon Supreme Court, the CRC was a thinly disguised light rail project with a highway component. We suspect the IBR is designed to be the same.  The CRC toll to cross the river was to be about  $4 each way with an option to DOUBLE that to $8 each way. Since this project is based on the same purpose and need statement, it is reasonable to assume the tolls will be similar - up to $8 each way ($4000/yr for commuters.)

Purpose of the project

List of previous project lies

How the CRC made key decisions in private

C-Tran’s contract with Trimet may be un-enforcable due to deception!

Who got rich last time      Who really wants rail projects

What should a bridge cost?

List of Willamette Week Articles   (Thru 2013)

List of Clark County Today Articles Up 10-9-2021

NoLight rail.com

Highlights of the argument against light rail

About tolls:

Is a new bridge worth the cost?

Pretend that they build a new bridge right next to the current one. On the other side of the river the two paths merge into one.

As you approach you choose which bridge to use: The new one to save one minute for a $10 toll, or the old one for free.

That is the answer to the question “is it worth the cost?”

(If you are biker or pedestrian, the same question applies, but assume the toll is only $5. (Tolls cover the cost of construction for a particular mode, spread among all users of that mode, not how heavy you are, how big you are or how politically correct you are. Few users mean higher cost.)

You can oppose tolls at governments, groups, and transportation meetings:

SW Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) (contact list)

Metro council  (contact list),  JPACT,  MPAC,  Transportation Library  

The C-Tran Board of Directors typically meets the second Tuesday of each month

Interstate Bridge Replacement Program  (calendar)

—Bi-State Bridge Committee (16 members from OR & WA Legeslatures) (contact list)

—Executive Steering Group (ESG)

—Community Advisory Group (CAG)

—Equity Advisory Group (EAG)

Rose Quarter Improvement Project    (events)

—Executive Steering Committee (ESG)

—Community Oversight Advisory Committee (COAG)

—Historic Albina Advisory Board (HAAB)

Oregon Tolling Project


Vancouver city council

Portland Freight Committee  Freight Advisory Committee

Oregon Freight Committee

More information:

https://www.clarkcountytoday.com  Current Project   Previous project  

https://www.wweek.com  Current Project   Previous project

https://www.columbian.com  Current Project  Previous Project

The previous failed project: www.NoBridgetolls.com

CRC Documents: Draft & Final EIS  (this is the failed project)

WADOT CRC Bridge Planning Inventory  (inventory & document existing data of CRC data related to a new Interstate 5 bridge)

Some Videos are linked here

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